Over the past several years, usmnews.net has published literally thousands of reports from current and former faculty who share my belief that USM has ineffectively and inefficiently employed far too much of its resources, both in terms of money and people. The purpose of usmnews.net is not to provide a public relations view. That is amply supplied by The University of Southern Mississippi's public relations department.

Chauncey M. DePree, Jr. Editor
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"The fun money is private money. At Southern Miss, I've got state dollars and I've got Foundation dollars. It's real easy to tell them apart. I tell people I've got two checkbooks. I've got my booze account and my non-booze account. Out of the state money I'm pretty constrained what in I can do. ... Foundation dollars, that's when I take my money out of my booze account, I can pretty much do anything I want with it." D. Harold Doty, former Dean, College of Business, University of Southern Mississippi, current Dean, University of Texas at Tyler
In August 2011, Martha Saunders smiled as she presented Galaxy Tabs to selected students. Three senior adminstrators were suspended. Two are no longer employees of the University. Saunders subsequently declared herself "tired" and resigned as president. (For more reports re "Tabletgate", click here.)
January 26, 2015

Updated 23-January-2015 HELP WANTED A Look at Business Dean Openings from Around the Country

reprinted by reader request Dear usmnews.net


... breaking news ... Southern Miss Bans Itself from Post Season Basketball Competition

Letter to the Editor -- Dear usmnews.net

For readers who have requested quicker access to reports about Dr. Saunders' and now Dr. Bennett's airplane, please click here. A good place to start is Cost Per Flight Hour which includes links to the detailed cost and usage data obtained through open records requests.

Academic Research
Other current research by Chauncey M. DePree, Jr., DBA is available at Amazon.com:

Plagiarism Is Now Ethically Acceptable, AACSB Affirms Copying Other Members' Submission Documents "Without Proper Citation"

Other current research can be downloaded free from SSRN (several projects are Top Ten downloads on SSRN):

"A General Theory to Test Social Reality"

"A Sound Foundation: The FASB Got Its Conceptual Framework Right, The IASB Didn't"

"An Evolution of Form and Content: A Practical Guide to Use of the FASB's Conceptual Framework"


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"VIRGINIA TECH DANGER!" is available at Amazon.
Ethics, Power, and Academic Corruption

By Chauncey M. DePree, Jr., DBA

The Gordon Cannon Doctrine of Plagiarism: Dr. Gordon Cannon, chemistry professor at USM, has surmised a foolproof method of determining whether a document is plagiarized. His method? He asked a few friends: Would you consider copying bureaucratic boilerplate plagiarism? Dr. Cannon did not provide the original or copied documents or any context to his friends. He merely asked, Would you consider copying bureaucratic boilerplate plagiarism? His friends' answered, No.

And indeed there is no plagiarism. None at all. Ever. Dr. Cannon's methodology proves that no document can be plagiarized. Simply ask a few friends without showing them the documents in question or providing any context: "Would you consider copying bureaucratic boilerplate plagiarism?"

With mathematical certainty, their answer will be: "Of course not."

If The Gordon Cannon Doctrine of Plagiarism seems absurd, you ain't seen nothin', yet. Read on.

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December 1, 2014
breaking news UAB Is Shutting Down its Football Program Sports Illustrated and Inside Higher Education are reporting that the University of Alabama Birmingham is preparing to shut down its football program. According to SI "Alabama-Birmingham is firing athletic director Brian Mackin and will announce later this week that it will be shutting down its football program, according to a source familiar with the matter."

December 5, 2014
What does it cost to have the worst football team in the worst conference in the United States? Part 1 Here is Southern Miss' football stadium on Saturday, November 29, 2014. ... The USA Today released a complete set of information on each institution to the general public. USM shows up at 108th (dropping from the 105th position the prior year) in the overall ranking, after having generated $22,776,416 million in total revenues during 2013. Only $2,930,731 of this total came from ticket sales. Student fees ($6,128,573), school funds ($3,674,201) and "other" funds ($1,228,935) account for more than 48% of the school's total sports revenues.

December 8, 2014
What does it cost to have the worst football team in the worst conference in the United States? Part 2 Answer: $100,000,000.00
University of Alabama, Birmingham recently made the decision to shut down its football program because it wasn't financially viable. Some commentators have observed that Alabama has two big-money very expensive football teams. It doesn't need another one.
December 9, 2014
Editorial Gwen Pate Is At It Again Always be cautious about what University of Southern Mississippi administrators say about the University of Southern Mississippi -- particularly inflated claims about quality. Usmnews.net has reported many instances of misrepresen- tations. The recent bloviation by Gwen Pate, Director of School of Accountancy is instructive. She touted a report by "Accounting Degree Review," an unknown organization without credentials or affiliation.

December 10, 2014
Postscript Gwen Pate Is At It Again Yesterday's report discussed the dubious representations made by Gwen Pate, Director of USM's School of Accountancy, about the School. Not discussed was her claim that the School's accreditation by the AACSB (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business) is additional evidence of the quality of USM' s School

December 11, 2014
USM Next? UAB recently ended its money losing, mediocre, very expensive football program. Will USM do the same? Here are reasons, from a USM fan, President Bennett should do the same to USM's football program:

December 12, 2014
An Opportunity to Consider "'Rolling Stone' Account of Rape at UVa Continues to Crumble The Washington Post on Wednesday published new details that cast additional doubts on Rolling Stone magazine's graphic portrayal of an alleged gang rape at a University of Virginia fraternity house.

December 17, 2014
Dear usmnews.net The fan blogs have been hot with discussions whether Southern Miss has a future in the college sports industry. Many of the fans believe, for a number of reasons, that it does not. I agree with those fans. Earlier this year, The Chronicle of Higher Education ran an article How Much Does It Cost to Recruit a Star Athlete?

December 18, 2014
Holiday Predictions for 2015- part 2, usmnews.net continues to receive predictions for 2015. Please feel free to share your predictions with our readers. 1) Student enrollment will decline for the third year in a row by something between 5% and 7%. President Bennett will continue to offer excuses, while ignoring the fact that Southern Miss is pricing itself out of the market.

December 19, 2014
Checks and Balances "'As a university president, if you don't look at this report and ask, 'Can I be certain that we have the right checks and balances in place?' you've missed the boat,' one college president said in response to the [UNC-Chapel Hill] investigation [of fake clas ses for atheletes]..." 2014 Influence List: Muckraker, The Chronicle of Higher Education, 15-Dec-2014

January 5, 2015
The Problem With Local News Organizations: They Don't Ask Questions ... The key words in WDAM's report are: "This is a news release from USM." WDAM offers no facts other than what was in the "USM news release." No perspective is offered by WDAM which WDAM doesn't hesitate to offer otherwise. Here are facts WDAM could have offered readers in addition to the public relations report USM released:

Dinner at Ruth Chris in New Orleans with business colleagues. Good food, great service
January 6, 2015
Editorial "Confessions of a Fixer " If you haven't read "Confessions of a Fixer," you've missed quite possibly the best investigative news report of the new year. An excerpt: "Over the past 14 years, he [Mr. White, "the Fixer"] says, he has used test keys to cheat for hundreds of athletes, helping them meet the eligibility requirements of the National Collegiate Athletic Association…his breaches illustrate the ease with which intercollegiate athletics can be exploited, its rules manipulated, and the inability of colleges and regulators to control it..."

January 7, 2015
Question for the day We reviewed our reports about President Rodney Bennett recently. One of our first was: Dr. Rodney Bennett, President of USM, Curriculum Vita Attached is Dr. Rodney Bennett's CV. It took several reminders and many weeks for USM to come up with it. That's okay. We're patient. Now it's yours, without the hassle.

January 8, 2015
Leadership Is Putting Students and Taxpayers First For many years, usmnews.net has reported recommendations that the IHL merge some of the colleges and universities in Mississippi. In this era of rising tuition and falling enrollment, it makes sense. Many of usmnews.net's readers have applauded the idea. Cut costs and improve the quality of education. A few have questioned whether Mississippi should undertake such an "untried" plan. However, the plan can no longer be considered untried.
January 9, 2015
Guest Editorial College Administrators Don't Need Social Media To Make Fools Of Themselves. They Are Quite Able To Do It All By Themselves. A recent Chronicle of Higher Education article offers guidance to college leaders who use or are thinking about using social media. "Fear of making a public misstep keeps many college leaders leery [of social media] … College leaders don't even have to be active on social media to go astray." Very public administrative mistakes are nothing new at Southern Miss.
January 12, 2015
Editorial IT TAKES A VILLAGE ... For those of you who don't read New York papers, I commend to you a recent New York Post article: The horrid truths we gladly let slide about these NCAA 'heroes'. The article begins, "It takes a village to make an idiot." The idiot(s) referred to are college football players. The village is made up of the administrators, faculty, coaches and boosters who enable them. Among the stories recounted in the article:

January 13, 2015
breaking news ... Hank Bounds to be Next President at Nebraska
The Omaha World Herald is reporting that Hank Bounds, Commissioner of Higher Education for the Institutions of Higher Learning in Mississippi will become the next president of the University of Nebraska.

January 14, 2015
Guest Editorial Investigate College Sports? Commentary in January 13, 2015, Chronicle of Higher Education is worth reading: Time for a Presidential Panel to Investigate College Sports. An excerpt: "Athletic departments are not profit maximizers. They are win maximizers. The coaches and the athletic directors, occasional lofty rhetoric to the contrary, get fatter and longer contracts when they win. Above all, that's what they are all about, even when it means trampling academic integrity and excellence."

January 15, 2015
Editorial Buy Low and Make a Fortune: What an Opportunity! USM football boosters and enthusiasts unite! Stop complaining about the poor administration of USM's football program. Pool your entrepreneurial talent and money and buy USM's football team. Move it TTT! What an opportunity! You could make a fortune and walk-the-walk…or is it walk-the-talk. Well, you know what I mean.

January 16, 2015
Dear usmnews.net, Please let me recommend the following article to your readers: The Long Con: Pricier Colleges Provide Better Education. The article concerns College Tuition: Four Decades of Financial Deception by Robert Iosue.

January 19, 2015
Editorial "A Nightmare of False Accusation That Could Happen to You..." Famed lawyer and Harvard professor of law, Alan M. Dershowitz, faced with allegations he had engaged in improper sexual conduct with a minor, unequivocally denied those claims both on television and the print media. A recent piece by him in The Wall Street Journal tells a terrifying story:

January 20, 2015
Dear usmnews.net, The word around the water cooler is that enrollment is going to drop again in 2015-16. How much will the drop be? It's hard to say, but most of us think it's going to be bad. The whisper campaign is that with the February cutoff for scholarship applications looming, there may not be enough qualified applicants to fill the available scholarships. Don't be surprised if the deadline is extended and the [$35] application fee is waived.

January 21, 2015
... breaking news ... Southern Miss Bans Itself from Post Season Basketball Competition Hattiesburg -- National and local sports news is reporting that Southern Miss' Basketball Eagles has voluntarily announced that it will not play in the Conference USA post season tournament or seek to be eligible for the NCAA tournament. In a tacit admission that the NCAA investigation of University conduct under former head coach Donnie Tyndall, Athletic Director Bill McGillis acknowledged,

January 22, 2015
EAGLE POST BLOGGERS CONTINUE TO BLAME SAUNDERS FOR SOUTHERN MISS SPORTS FAILURES As news of Southern Miss' self imposed ban from post-season basketball play continues to roil fans, bloggers once again blame former President Martha Saunders for the fallout.

January 23, 2015
reprinted by reader request Dear usmnews.net, Thanks for reprinting the “Is Rodney Bennett Qualified to be President” series. The answer is pretty obviously, no. I have a question. If he [Dr. Bennett] has never published a paper, how can he evaluate our [the faculty’s] research?

For more in the series type "Qualified" into usmnews.net's search box
January 26, 2015
Updated 23-January-2015 HELP WANTED A Look at Business Dean Openings from Around the Country With four current/former CoB deans moving around in the academic world, some USMNEWS.net readers have requested an ongoing report that tracks current b-school dean openings. Long-time readers of USMNEWS.net are aware that Faye Gilbert is the current dean of the CoB, having replaced Lance Nail, who is now the business dean at Texas Tech University. Another former CoB administrator, Farhang Niroomand, currently holds the dean’s post