Over the past several years, usmnews.net has published literally thousands of reports from current and former faculty who share my belief that USM has ineffectively and inefficiently employed far too much of its resources, both in terms of money and people. The purpose of usmnews.net is not to provide a public relations view. That is amply supplied by The University of Southern Mississippi's public relations department.

Chauncey M. DePree, Jr. Editor
marcdepree@gmail.com (Click here for editorial policy.)
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"The fun money is private money. At Southern Miss, I've got state dollars and I've got Foundation dollars. It's real easy to tell them apart. I tell people I've got two checkbooks. I've got my booze account and my non-booze account. Out of the state money I'm pretty constrained what in I can do. ... Foundation dollars, that's when I take my money out of my booze account, I can pretty much do anything I want with it." D. Harold Doty, former Dean, College of Business, University of Southern Mississippi, current Dean, University of Texas at Tyler
In August 2011, Martha Saunders smiled as she presented Galaxy Tabs to selected students. Three senior adminstrators were suspended. Two are no longer employees of the University. Saunders subsequently declared herself "tired" and resigned as president. (For more reports re "Tabletgate", click here.)
October 24, 2014

Playing the Game?

reprinted by request - Is Rodney Bennett Qualified to be President of USM?
Part 5 President Rodney Bennett's Curriculum Vita

Letter to the Editor -- Dear usmnews.net

Letter to the Editor -- Dear usmnews.net

Letter to the Editor -- Dear usmnews.net

What is the Quality of USM's MBA Program?

For readers who have requested quicker access to reports about Dr. Saunders' and now Dr. Bennett's airplane, please click here. A good place to start is Cost Per Flight Hour which includes links to the detailed cost and usage data obtained through open records requests.

Saw Rigolleto at the Houston Grand Opera. Wow! Just as good as New York.

Marc DePree, Editor, usmnews.net
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Plagiarism Is Now Ethically Acceptable, AACSB Affirms Copying Other Members' Submission Documents "Without Proper Citation"

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"A General Theory to Test Social Reality"

"A Sound Foundation: The FASB Got Its Conceptual Framework Right, The IASB Didn't"

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Echoes of Mississippi Supremacists
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"VIRGINIA TECH DANGER!" is available at Amazon.
Ethics, Power, and Academic Corruption

By Chauncey M. DePree, Jr., DBA

The Gordon Cannon Doctrine of Plagiarism: Dr. Gordon Cannon, chemistry professor at USM, has surmised a foolproof method of determining whether a document is plagiarized. His method? He asked a few friends: Would you consider copying bureaucratic boilerplate plagiarism? Dr. Cannon did not provide the original or copied documents or any context to his friends. He merely asked, Would you consider copying bureaucratic boilerplate plagiarism? His friends' answered, No.

And indeed there is no plagiarism. None at all. Ever. Dr. Cannon's methodology proves that no document can be plagiarized. Simply ask a few friends without showing them the documents in question or providing any context: "Would you consider copying bureaucratic boilerplate plagiarism?"

With mathematical certainty, their answer will be: "Of course not."

If The Gordon Cannon Doctrine of Plagiarism seems absurd, you ain't seen nothin', yet. Read on.

Click here for reports August, 2014
September 23, 2014
Dear usmnews.net, Maybe you have the answer to a popular question around the water cooler (if we actually had one). Where are Rod Posey, Charles Jordan, and Patty Munn? They precipitously retired from the School of Accountancy about the same time you did, but no one seems to know what they are up to?

September 24, 2014
Rate My Professor Let's take a look at what students are saying about a few current and former professors at USM's School of Accountancy.

September 25, 2014
Dear usmnews.net, You are apparently too modest to draw a contrast between your former colleagues' skills as teachers and your own. However, I hope you are not too modest to publish my email to you. When I checked your RateMyProfessors review, you were consistently rated Good -- the highest score permitted. Your overall rating was 4.8 (out of 5) as compared to Mary Anderson's 1.5. Nobody, and most particularly your students, thought you were an easy teacher who gave away grades.

September 26, 2014
Message From President Bennett Let's take a critical look at USM President Bennett's recent message (which is copied in full below). Here's common knowledge: B = f(E): e.g., the greater the enrollment, the greater the budget. For a school like USM, the better the quality of students, i.e., the higher the admission standards, the fewer the number of students enrolled, i.e., admitted.

September 29, 2014
Are you a member of PERS? Many of us are members of PERS. Many of us spent decades contributing to PERS, counting on the benefits of those contributions. Many of us receive monthly checks. Many of us count on the checks to support our families. The question is whether money will be there when we need it.

September 30, 2014
Are you a member of PERS? Part 2 From yesterday's report: "According to Moody's, Mississippi's PERS is badly underfunded, with approximately $.58 of each dollar needed to honor its obligations to its retirees available to satisfy its pension requirements."
October 1, 2014
Are you a member of PERS? Part 3 Public Employees' Retirement System (PERS) of Mississippi publishes Forward. In the Winter 2014 issue, an article by Pat Robertson entitled "Projection reports show PERS on positive path" offers a forward projection that is absurd:
retirees available to satisfy its pension requirements."
October 2, 2014
Are you a member of PERS? Part 4 In this series-Are you a member of PERS?-we've ignored PERS' 8% investment return assumption. What does it mean? Where does this 8% come from? Who chooses it? Why? Let's take a look at it. You need to understand the tomfoolery-no, let's not be cute, let's use accurate terminology-you need to understand the deception 8% investment return assumption perpetrates on retirees and taxpayers

October 3, 2014
Editorial Sami Dakhlia As you can see, a visitor to usmnews recently reviewed reports about Sami Dakhlia, possibly looking into his background. Or, maybe it was Sami, himself. If that's you Sami, are you behaving yourself? If it's not Sami, read on.

October 6, 2014
Updated HELP WANTED A Look at Business Dean Openings from Around the Country With four current/former CoB deans moving around in the academic world, some USMNEWS.net readers have requested an ongoing report that tracks current b-school dean openings. Long-time readers of USMNEWS.net are aware that Faye Gilbert is the current dean of the CoB, having replaced Lance Nail, who is now the business dean at Texas Tech University.

October 7, 2014
Imagine… Previous Governor Barbour suggested reorganizing Mississippi's universities. Not a bad idea. See, "So goes football, so goes USM," below. It prompted "Imagine." Mississippi university football teams may be exhibit No. 1 in support of reorganizing Mississippi universities.

October 8, 2014
USM's enrollment is down significantly -- again According to the IHL, USM's "unduplicated headcount" once again dropped from 15,249 (Fall 2013) to 14,845 (Fall 2014). This change represented a 2.6% drop in enrollment. usmnews.net readers may recall that enrollment dropped from 16,468 students (Fall 2012) to 15,325 students (Fall 2013) for a devastating 2013 6.9% drop in enrollment.
October 9, 2014
Editorial Let's Not Forget The Frightened, Powerless Toadies In the following report, John Brown (accounting instructor at USMGC) demonstrates that instructors, without power or standing, frequently succumb to pressure applied by administrators and a mob. A year-to-year contract, no meaningful research record, perhaps instructors believe they have no choice.

October 10, 2014
USM has "higher admission standards," Mr. Bennett? Consider a recent Hattiesburg American article: "HPD investigates 9 other suspects in flamingo case." According to the report, at least one and as many as 10 students stole a Chilean flamingo from the local zoo. As a consequence, while the investigation goes on, one student and Delta Mu chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha have been suspended.

October 13, 2014
Dear usmnews.net, I don't know what you are hearing from campus, but the situation is bad and expected to get worse. Southern Miss has lost almost 10% of its student body. Some of us think the number is even higher and total enrollment is even lower, but is hidden behind the way the IHL and the school counts the number of students.
October 15, 2014
Dear usmnews.net, A lot of us have read the Message from the President [University Budget Update] and wonder why he can't see the obvious: TUITION IS TOO HIGH! WE CAN'T AFFORD IT!! [emphasis in original] Every year the tuition goes up. Every year fees go up. Every year books go up. Every year more money is wasted on a losing football team. If the University cut costs and reduced tuition and fees, I think there would be a dramatic turnaround in enrollment.

October 16, 2014
What is the Quality of USM's MBA Program? Carefully crafted representations made by USM must be carefully assessed. As indicated in the multitude of reports contained on usmnews.net's webpage, USM does not have a stellar reputation for quality or candor.

October 17, 2014
Dear usmnews.net, So glad to hear that Dean Gilbert thinks USM's unranked MBA program is so great. If I stretched the truth to the point of breaking, I would be embarrassed. If she is proud of the program, do you think she's proud of Cheri Becker?

Dear usmnews.net, Even though many years have passed since Mary Anderson claimed a prestigious Accounting Horizons pub, non-accounting faculty continue to giggle behind her back. As you previously reported, rumor has it that some of the non-accounting faculty are STILL trying to work up the nerve to ask her for the citation.

October 19, 2014
Dear usmnews.net, The Faculty union gave Bense a "No Confidence" vote. Bense responded by making Saunders UWF's Executive V.P.
This is a ridiculous response in light of how much damage Saunders cost USM...see attached ILH minutes that contains additional evidence of why Saunders and Gore "resigned."

October 21, 2014
reprinted by request - Is Rodney Bennett Qualified to be President of USM? Part 5 President Rodney Bennett's Curriculum Vita We finally received President Rodney Bennett's curriculum vita from USM. It took several reminders and many weeks for USM to come up with it. That's okay. We're patient.

October 23, 2014
Playing the Game? If you haven't read Widespread Nature of Chapel Hill's Academic Fraud Is Laid Bare by Jack Stripling in yesterday's Chronicle of Higher Education, take a few minutes to do so. It is well worth your time. As you read the article, ask yourself, is UNC-CH the only university "... to create no-show classes that would keep underprepared and unmotivated players eligible. ..."

October 24, 2014