TobaccoPharm Preview: The first deaths went unnoticed, lost in a sea of tobacco related diseases and misdiagnoses. As luck would have it, the etiology was easily mistaken for common small-cell lung cancer. Nobody knew the truth, except one man. He planned to keep it that way. No internet manifestos. No peculiar behavior. Just a workman-like determination. He aimed his genius, and his modern-day "infernal machine," at cigarette companies and let nature-addiction and greed-take its course.

Smokers had no reason to suspect the new virulence; besides, they wouldn't believe another warning, anyway. Slowly, physicians began noticing anomalies in lung cancer patients. Tobacco companies noticed, too, but concealed what they knew, keen on figuring out what to do. The more they learned, however, the more desperate they became, the more brutality they employed to find a solution to the transgenic puzzle threatening their profits.

Once the virulent transgenic tobacco made its way into the cigarette manufacturing process, hundreds of thousands of smokers quickly perished worldwide.