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(Contains revisions) Following the Yellow Brick Road: A Look at Sources of Doctorates of CoBís Non-USM Degree-Holders "The USMNEWS.NET reader who made the point that USM degree-holders are likely to also hold Tier III and Tier IV doctorates seems to have struck the nail on the head...".
(Contains revisions) (October 19, 2007 Update) Thereís no place like home . . . . . . Thereís no place like home: The Prevalence of USM Degrees among the CoBís Faculty, 2007-08 "... The omission of the three names detailed in the latest two corrections to this report spotlights at least two key ideas. First, the CoBís website continues to be inadequately maintained. Second, the turnover in the CoB since 2003 has been so dramatic that many members of the CoB donít even know who their colleagues are anymore...".
(December 10, 2008) "Houston - Victoria Has Eyes -- Yesterdayís Breaking News story about the possibility of Farhang Niroomand becoming the next dean of business at the University of Houston - Victoria has readers buzzing. A recent visit to the UH - V website revealed that the university is advertising for the position...".
(December 11, 2008) "Fresh Air Coming -- With associate professor of accounting James Hendersonís Dec-08 retirement, sources say that new CoB dean Lance Nail has a great opportunity, combined with a lot of money, to make a hire that can begin to turn the CoBís accounting department around...".
(December 12, 2008) "'Sunday Morning With . . . Susan'  The CoB's Center for Economic Education director, Susan Doty, recently sat down with Sid Salter, Perspective Editor of The Clarion Ledger, to talk about economic education in Mississippi and life in the CoB, all for Salter's weekly public interest series, 'Sunday Morning With . . .'...".
(December 18, 2008 with opinion commentary from Duane Cobb) "Sound the Retreat -- CoB faculty were recently greeted by new CoB dean Lance Nail's office with the following e-mail: ...".
(January 7, 2009) "Nail's Retreat -- The much anticipated College of Business faculty retreat is upon us, and if the information being relayed to USMNEWS.net is any indication, there is not a lot of interest in being there among the CoB's current faculty roster...".
(January 5, 2009) "The Numbers Don't Lai "The Dec-08 USMNEWS.net report 1 Month provided our most recent prediction on the race for the CoB's 2009 Louis K. Brandt Research Award...".
(January 14, 2009) "Spring í09 Begins --Spring semester 2009 has begun, and already USM students are focusing on the high cost of textbooks and a looming tuition increase...".
(January 16, 2009) "'[A] festering wound that would not heal' The quote above is how USM provost Robert Lyman recently described the customized textbook scandal at USM - one that began a few months ago, but will not seem to go away...".
(January 26, 2009) "Former CoBers Lopez & Kozar Breaking Out Again -- From the recent update to the CoB's Brain Drain, Part 2, former CoB marketing faculty Tara Lopez, now an assistant professor of marketing at Southeastern Louisiana University, is back on the research march...".
(January 29, 2009) CoB News, 29 January 2009 "Integrity Policy Not Boilerplate, Says The Chronicle According to USMNEWS.net sources, Thomas Bartlettís 29-Jan-09 article in The Chronicle of Higher Education entitled '2 Universitiesí Plagiarism Policies Look a Lot Alike' only deteriorates even further the arguments made by the Harold Doty/Farhang Niroomand administration of the CoB (2003-07), that a university's or college's academic integrity policy (or, for that matter, AACSB documentation) is simply 'boilerplate' and open for use by any and all, even 'without proper citation.'..."
(February 5, 2009) Roderick Posey, CoB Dean and ď. . . a modest manĒ Numerous reports here at USMNEWS.net have indicated that CoB accounting professor Roderick Posey serves as a pastor in the Hattiesburg-area, and that his duties as a pastor impede upon his ability to perform his work for USM and Mississippi taxpayers - a job Posey is paid well over $100,000 per year to do.
(January 30, 2009) ďThird Tier Thieves,Ē by 31st & Pearl Columnist "Yesterdayís issue of CoB News showed, through Thomas Bartlettís 28-Jan-09 article in The Chronicle of Higher Education entitled ď2 Universitiesí Plagiarism Policies Look a lot Alike,Ē just how badly the CoBís administrators and their sycophants behaved under former CoB dean Harold Doty...".
(February 24, 2009) "Carr-Opted --According to Jana Bryantís 23-Feb-09 press release the CoBís 4th Annual Golden Eagle Challenge Business Plan competition has ended and $5,000 in prize monies were handed out to the top two teams from the event...".
(February 25, 2009) "Is Daniel Still the CoB's Graduate Academic Services Director? "A recent visit (24-Feb-09) to the CoB's graduate academic services webpages...".
(July 29, 2009)  Public Relations Wars "With various CoB academic programs thought to be on the cutting block in order to meet president Saunders' $2 million cut for the CoB, one would expect a public relations barrage out of these programs to begin/intensify between now and the 1-Sept-09 deadline for terminating tenured faculty...".
(August 5, 2009) "CoB Backer Passes Away -- Long-time CoB supporter Bruce Rossmeyer died recently (in late July-09) while riding his motorcycle in Wyoming. According to WFTV-9, Rossmeyer owned 15 Harley Davidson dealerships across the United States, and is credited with raising millions of dollars for Central Florida charities. Hundreds of people attended the recent Ormond Beach, FL, funeral service. Rossmeyer was 66 years old...".

(August 10, 2009) "The Bad Column -- The recent USMNEWS.net report, 'Another Nail Pal in the Bad Column,' reporting on CoB dean Lance Nail's decision to hire Brian Lee from UAB, indicated that Lee's Rate My Professors score was an underwhelming 2.9 (out of 5)...".
(August 24, 2009) CoB News, 24 August 2009 "Former CoB Dean Williams back on Campus: Former CoB dean Alvin Williams, now a chaired professor of marketing at the University of South Alabama, was back on the USM campus recently...".  (For additional CoB News reports, click here.)
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(August 26, 2009) CoB News, 26 August 2009 "Jackson and Lunsford Elected to USM-GC Faculty Council: According to Charmaine Williams Schmermund's 25-Aug-09 press release, CoB associate professor of accounting Steven Jackson and CoB assistant professor of decision sciences Dale Lunsford have been elected to the USM-GC Faculty Council for 2009-10. (For additional CoB News reports, click here.)
(September 15, 2009) CoB News "USM Forum - Message Board Closes Access The USM Forum - Message Board recently closed its access to readers. Now readers have to register in order to read messages that are posted there...". 
(September 17, 2009) CoB News, 17 September 2009 "Plan to Move ECO Looks Like a Go -- Based on Ed Kemp's report in the 16-Sept-09 The Hattiesburg American entitled "Plan would move professors," it appears as though the USM administration has approved the plan to move the four mostly junior CoB economists (Deniz Gevrek, Daniel Monchuk, Sami Dakhlia, Akbar Marvasti) over to the CoAL in exchange for the retirements of the five mostly senior economists (William Gunther, Edward Nissan, Trellis Green, Mark Klinedinst, George Carter)...". 
(September 21, 2009) CoB News, 21 September 2009 "Only 6 BAC Chairs? CoB dean Lance Nail recently informed CoB faculty that previous CoB administrators were essentially spending money that didnít exist on the CoBís BAC/Partnership Society Professorships...". (For more CoB News, click here.)
(September 24, 2009) CoB News, 24 September 2009 "Arnold Becomes Dean at Missouri State -- Danny Arnold, the current b-school dean at Frostburg State University, was just recently named the new b-school dean at Missouri State University...". (For more CoB News, click here.)
(September 28, 2009) CoB News, 28 September 2009 "Is USM a Cesspool? The Hattiesburg American has published another story involving a lawsuit against USM. This time the story was written by THA's managing editor Dan Davis (entitled Eagle Walk incident prompts suit against USM), and this time the plaintiff is former USM assistant athletics director Greg Herring, who claims that he was faced with the choice of resigning or being fired by USM president Martha Saunders back in the fall of 2008...". (For more CoB News, click here.)
(September 30, 2009) CoB News, 30 September 2009 "Klinedinst's Fading 15 Minutes -- CoB economics professor Mark Klinedinst has been on what USMNEWS.net sources have referred to as the ride of his life since early August of 2009...".
(October 6, 2009)  CoB News, 6 October 2009 "TM All Over the Place In case you haven't been paying attention lately, the CoB's tourism management department has been all over the place...".  (for more CoB News, click here.)
(October 12, 2009)  CoB News, 12 October 2009 "'Beleaguered Nail,' by 31st & Pearl Columnist -- CoB dean Lance Nail must be feeling the sting of losing another battle with the CoBís economists, who were recently saved from Nailís budget-cutting by the Martha Saunders administration of USM...".  (for more CoB News, click here.)
(October 19, 2009) CoB News, 19 October 2009 "Things are Bad: In the 'things are bad' file, CoB faculty are urged to attend future meetings of USMís faculty senate if they are interested in just how disastrous the Mississippi budget situation will be in 2011 and 2012 for USM...".
(October 20, 2009) CoB News, 20 October 2009 "EPSIDIA? During a recent USM Faculty Senate meeting, USM provost Robert Lyman told faculty senators that the four USM economists who will remain on board the institution after 2009-10 will possibly be joining the department of political science in the CoAL...". (for more CoB News click here.
(October 9, 2009) Tourism Management Certificates - Get 'Em While They're Hot! "According to Charmaine Williams Schmermund's 8-Oct-09 presser entitled "Southern Miss Tourism Management Presents Certificates to IP Casino Industry Professionals,"...".
(October 23, 2009) CoB News, 26 October 2009 "Williams Inducted into USM Alumni: HoF Former CoB interim dean Alvin Williams was recently inducted into the USM Alumni Hall of Fame...".
(November 4, 2009) CoB News, 4 November 2009 "CoB Honors House Becomes Lecture Hall As explained in Van Arnold's 3-Nov-09 presser entitled "Ford Executive Creel Addresses Business Honors House," Ford Motor Company exec Randy Creel recently visited the CoB's Honors House in order to participate in the CoBHH's guest lecture series."
(November 10, 2009) CoB News, 10 November 2009 "Malik Out -- CoB associate professor of finance Farooq Malik (pictured below) has been out during fall semester 2009. Malik has taken an official leave of absence, though for unknown reasons.  (For more in the CoB News series, click here.)
(November 30, 2009) CoB News, 30 November 2009 " Their Final Semester A number of CoBers are approaching their final semester (spring 2010) at USM. One of these is Donna Davis, the current chair of BEDS. Davis will be retiring after a long career at USM. Five CoB economists will be joining Davis in retirement on 30-June-2010.(For more in the CoB News series, click here.)
(December 1, 2009) CoB News, 1 December 2009 "Sequeira's Contest The CoB's annual Golden Eagle Challenge is now set for 4-Dec-09, and once again MGT's Jennifer Sequeira will be hosting the event. (For more in the CoB News series, click here.)
(January 6, 2010) CoB News "Gevrek Takes the B? The recent USMNEWS.net  . . breaking news . . . report about the departure of CoB economist Deniz Gevrek shocked some in the CoB family...".
(January 20, 2010) CoB News, 20 January 2010 "Watching Ms. Martha -- USMNEWS.net readers who are interested in some of the weightier issues surrounding academia should venture over to the Mississippi IHL website and view the podcast of the Dec-09 IHL Board meeting. At the end of that meeting an IHL official takes the podium and reviews changes that Mississippi's higher ed governing board is about to make to the rules/regs surrounding termination of tenured and tenure-track faculty across the state...".
(February 24, 2010) Wittmann "Competes" for Teaching Award ? "Van Arnold's 23-Feb-10 presser entitled"Marketing Professor Receives Teaching Excellence Award" informed the USM family that CoB associate professor of marketing, Michael Wittmann, will compete for the title 2010 Hormel Master Marketing Teacher...".  For more CoB News, click here.
(April 8, 2010) Green Wins AT&T Award Consolation Prize? "CoB tourism management instructor Evelyn Kwan Green (pictured below) was recently awarded a 2010 AT&T Outstanding Faculty Award consolation prize...".
(April 23, 2008) "Hwang on the Move? Former CoB tourism management professor Johye Hwang has moved on from her post at the University of Missouri. Hwang is now affiliated with the tourism management college at Kyung Hee University in South Korea...".
(April 27, 2008) "Moving on Up ? Accounting faculty will soon be moving up to the top floor of Joseph Greene HallHaving the accountants housed with the other faculty will seem like a culture change, particularly for the accounting faculty, who have been relatively isolated on the first floor of the building for a number of years. Now their comings and goings (i.e., who works, and who doesnít) will be known to the rest of the CoBís faculty and staff...".
(May 6, 2008) "Hammering Away ? The recent breaking news about USM CFO Joe Morganís resignation hit The Hattiesburg Americanís LATEST HEADLINES page on 5-May-2010. That THA headlines story let the Hattiesburg community know what the USM community was informed of earlier via a message from USM president Martha Saunders - again, that Morgan resigned his post after about 20 years of service to the institution...".
(May 10 2008) "The ECO Payroll Trough, 2004-10? "The journey taken by the ECO payroll (salary only) since 2003 has been astounding. The chart below shows the ECO payroll at four different points - 2004, 2006, 2008 and 2010...".